Would you like to write for MyLausanne?

It’s that simple:

1.You have a website or a blog, and you would like to share one of your already written articles?
=> You can send us an email with the link to your article for publication on the blog blog@my-lausanne.com (with canonical URL)

2. You have photos, videos or a text?
=> You can send us your article with the raw components (texts, images, links) or your photos to blog@my-lausanne.com

3.Focus on the author
In every article that you send us, the author is put forward thanks to a contributor’s profile. If you’re ok with that, send us with your article your photo, your first name and a short presentation text (max. 300 characters), the links to your social media, your website, etc. In short, give us what it takes to make yourself known!
If you would rather remain incognito, you can simply send us the name of the town you come from.
In any case, tell us your sparkling stories of Lausanne and share your experience. 😉

Sharing content with the MyLausanne blog

The MyLausanne blog is a participatory website, which implies that its contributors accept the use of material linked to the content they supply on a voluntary basis by email to blog@my-lausanne.com

To offer shareable content on MyLausanne:

You must be over 18 years old.

You need to send an email to provide us with the link to your article, so that we can publish it on MyLausanne, as well as the necessary elements to create your author’s profile that will be visible to all (Photo, Name, Presentation text (max. 300 characters), redirect link (to blog), social media links and, if you wish, a quote).


You can also send us your article with the raw elements (copy, images, links).

In that case, please stick to the following guidelines.


Required formats for an article:

Top image – required

2560×1440 px min

Image in article – required

Square format if possible

– ideally 1200×1200 px

– minimum 700×700 px

Rectangular format

– rectangular formats measuring 1200×700 px

Relevant title:

35 characters max. including spaces

EX: By boat from Geneva to Lausanne

Teaser (tagline that will be the element appearing on the home page if the article is displayed there):

130 characters max.

Subtitles: the copy must be structured in several blocks to make the reading easier

It is advised to illustrate each block of content with a photo


Required formats for a post:

Video* (about 2 min) or photo

Square format if possible

– ideally 1200×1200 px

– minimum 700×700 px

Rectangular format

– horizontal rectangles measuring 1200×700 px


Relevant title – required

Teaser: required (tagline that will be the element appearing on the home page if the article is displayed there)

130 characters max.

Description – optional



* Regarding videos: to be able to publish a video on the MyLausanne blog, it must be on YouTube. You therefore need to send the YouTube link.

If only the video file is sent, the author accepts that the video is hosted on Lausanne Tourisme’s YouTube channel, blog section, so that it can then be integrated in the MyLausanne blog.



Every contribution is linked to an author.

An article or post can only be published if it’s associated with an author who has a profile. Therefore, either the necessary elements to create the profile are provided, or the author’s name is mentioned in the email containing the article.

The contributor who does not have a profile created on the MyLausanne blog needs to provide the following elements for their content to be published. In any case, you need to send us the elements for your profile.

First name and Name or alias (required)

A sentence to introduce yourself (optional)

A photograph (if you don’t provide a photograph, the default visual will be displayed)

The links to your social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and your email address – optional

By providing us with this data, you accept that it is published and displayed on the MyLausanne blog.



Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

These general terms and conditions are subject to Swiss law. In the event of a dispute, the only competent courts will be those of Lausanne (Switzerland).


Guarantee for authors and contributors

By sharing your article with the My-Lausanne blog, you are ensured that:

  • no alteration, transformation or translation of your article will be made on your article without your prior consent.
  • that your article that will be relayed on the blog will always include the name that you will have provided us with.
  • that your blog will be mentioned in the article’s sources and in the blog contributors’ profiles.
  • that you preserve your referencing with the systematic addition of a canonical tag for each article already online that you accept to share with us.