What is there to do on a Sunday in Lausanne?

By My-Lausanne

For Lausanne inhabitants as for tourists, Sunday in Lausanne can be a difficult ordeal, between the desire to stay in bed because it’s cold and the wish to have some kind of activity during the day. Rest assured, MyLausanne has a few ideas to share with you.

Yes, because if you’re hoping your search engine will help you, it will only let you see that you’re not alone:

You do decide to get out of bed to enjoy one of Lausanne people’s favourite activities: brunching.

11-12.30 am: Brunching at the Java

What an incredible invention this “morale-boosting” meal is! Indeed, it’s just pure pleasure to enjoy a breakfast during which you can eat salmon, immediately followed by bread and jam without feeling judged. To get the most out of it, it’s essential to enjoy a good sleep in and not go out too soon.

Let’s head to the Java for a brunch menu that’s as varied as it is delicious: savoury, sweet, salads, tartars… you’ll find much to taste. The cosy and relaxed décor lets you feel at home for a gentle transition between your bed and the rest of your Sunday.

1-3 pm: Diving into Aquatis’s fresh waters

Well, we don’t actually mean dipping in a thermal bath, but visiting the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe. It’s in Lausanne, TADAAA (confetti, glitter and festive song)! Throughout the exhibition, you’ll go back in time, then follow the course of the Rhone from Lake Geneva to see species from the five continents.

Between spectacular aquariums (8.40 m high and 1 million litres of water for the largest!) and imposing terrariums, you will see fish that seem to belong to the age of dinosaurs, as well as impressive reptiles. Even if the Komodo dragon is snoozing, you won’t regret getting out of bed. It’s at the same time fascinating, highly immersive and educational; to put it in a few words: Aquatis is there so that your Sunday doesn’t feel as exciting as the day of a goldfish in a bowl.

3.30-4 pm: Treating ourselves to a chocolaty delight at the Evêché

Back in town and it’s cold. Aquatis’s tropical greenhouse feels even further away than the comfort of your bed. Don’t give up on this Sunday when you’re doing so well! Let’s set off to the Evêché to drink a hot chocolate. During the Barbare’s refurbishment, the delicious and mysterious recipe for the best-known hot chocolate in Lausanne is served in the neighbouring café. At the foot of the Cathedral, you’ll get warm with this drink that lifts the heart. Yes, on Sundays in November, one needs a pick-me-up and it so happens that chocolate is a natural antidepressant. So there…

4.15-5 pm: Cultivating ourselves by discovering Ai Weiwei at the Rumine Palace

A great star of contemporary art is invited at the Lausanne’s Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts (mcb-a) for the last exhibition within the walls of the Rumine Palace.

Set up in the whole building, the Chinese artist’s works will add a cultural touch to this Sunday. In the mcb-a’s rooms, you’ll have to resist walking across the carpet of grains (it’s very tempting!), but you can always let off some steam by contemplating the tapestry diverting the artist’s famous finger-giving – also a way of thumbing your nose at dull Sundays.

5.15-6.45 pm: Having a drink at the Great

Enough of culture, the Great is the best place for a drink at the end of the weekend. There are a few bars open on Sunday in Lausanne. The Great has the advantage of being right next to the Rumine Palace and is always lively, especially when there is football on TV!

Beware, however, of not being in denial of the week to come. Your Sunday evening aperitif could become a second Saturday. And your Monday morning would therefore be… a little rough.


7.15-9 pm: Eating a fondue at the Chalet Suisse

You saw it on the Evêché’s menu when you ordered your hot chocolate. And those six letters, “F-O-N-D-U-E” resonated for you like “Oh, wouldn’t that go down well”. Yes, winter is the season of melted cheese. Any anxiety about a swimsuit silhouette is far away (winter has got to have some advantages) and no one will see the effects of that gorgeous fondue under your thick coat. Let’s take some altitude up to Sauvabelin and head towards the fast-approaching Monday with a fondue pot, bread and good company.

fondue ©L//Laurent Kaczor
fondue ©L//Laurent Kaczor

For those who would rather eat something else, several restaurants are open: Holy Cow, the Bruxelles Café, Da Carlo, the Bleu Lézard or the restaurants in the areas of the train station and Ouchy.


And now there’s only bedtime and a night’s sleep before Monday morning. Yes, that weekend was good and yes, it’s over. But there you go; a new week must begin for there to be a new weekend.