The train station area and Ouchy district

By My-Lausanne

After visiting the Flon, Rôtillon and Cité districts, let’s set off to explore the train station neighbourhood and the shores of Lake Geneva in Ouchy.

In the south of the town, from the train station down to the lakeside in Ouchy, the streets are brimming with small cafés. It’s ideal for a walk and you‘ll discover interesting old buildings and houses in a variety of architectural styles. We continue the stroll down to the lake: with sunshine, terraces, the lake and a view over the Alps, it’s the meeting place for Lausanners and visitors alike during the summer.

Walks around the train station and by the lakeside

As the first sunrays appear, Lausanne residents set out for a walk or grab their trainers to get some exercise in the southern part of the town. We would choose a short family break in the Milan Park while savouring an ice-cream from Loom’s or a walk on the Montriond Hill to admire the view, followed by a stop in Lausanne’s Botanical Gardens. Others might prefer a stroll on the Ouchy quays, with a break in Denantou Park before making the most of the sun to go out on the lake in a pedal boat or just pick a terrace to chill out in the sun. Whatever it’s going to be, we’re waiting impatiently for the warmer weather!

Le Crêt de Montriond, Lausanne
©LT/ Laurent Kaczor
Pédalos à Ouchy
©P. Waterton

Restaurants and cafés

The train station area and Ouchy are also renowned for their many cafés, restaurants and small bars. The locals meet up at the Gosses du Québec for a beer, at Ta Cave, the Jetée de la Compagnie, the Minimum or the Lacustre for aperitif. Not forgetting Café Montriond.

Le Minimum, buvette éphémère au bord du lac Léman Lausanne
©LT/ Laurent Kaczor

At Lausanne’s train station, you’ll also find many restaurants and takeaways such as Bagel on the way and its authentic New York bagels, Al Sacco and its quality Italian products, L’impression Café and its daily specials, ça passe crème and its delicious coffees, as well as Tibits that has taken over the former station’s buffet to offer vegetarian dishes. Closer to the lake, we’ll seize the opportunity of trying out Tayta Empanadas and its Peruvian empanadas (delish!) or the vegan café Veganopolis.

L'impression Lausanne
L’impression Café, Lausanne
Restaurant Tibits à la gare de Lausanne.

At the weekend, Lausanners meet up for a traditional brunch at Café Grancy, Café des Avenues, Tom Café, the Mövenpick or the Beau-Rivage Palace before heading to the lakeside for a digestive walk.

You get the picture. From the train station to Ouchy, we love eating and enjoying the good weather to exercise or walk. But that’s not all…



Lausanne’s train station will be home to the new “Arts District”, Plateform 10. A place dedicated to culture that will comprise the Cantonal Fine Arts Museum, the Musée de l’Elysée (museum of photography) and the mudac (museum of applied arts). The first of these to open will be the Cantonal Fine Arts Museum in October 2019.

Projet/maquette du nouveau MCBA - Musées des Beaux-Arts
©projet Pôle muséal, Lausanne / Estudio Barozzi&Veiga, Barcelone

In Ouchy, there is the renowned Olympic Museum. After crossing the Olympic Park and challenging Usain Bolt in the 100-m sprint, discover the history of the modern Olympic Games, from Ancient Greece to nowadays. An interactive museum that will put you in the shoes of an Olympic athlete. Once you have finished the visit, don’t forget to take a break at the Tom Café to enjoy its fantastic view over the lake and the Alps.

Vue depuis le Musée Olympique Lausanne
©LT/ Laurent Kaczor
Famille en visite au Musée Olympique Lausanne
©LT/ Laurent Kaczor

The unusual

The Promenade de la Ficelle (Ficelle walk), or green way, is a path that goes from the station to the lake, following the metro line. It is named for the former train “La Ficelle” that linked Ouchy to the Flon before the construction of the m2. In addition to taking you from the station to the lake, it offers the opportunity to discover the area under the station and some of its most beautiful buildings.

La Promenade de la Ficelle, Lausanne
©LT/ Laurent Kaczor

When you get to the lake, don’t miss the Thai Pavilion that’s located in Denantou Park and was given to the town by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej or Eole, a large, semi-circular wind vane in Ouchy Harbour.

Le Parc Denantou et son pavillon Thaï
©LT/Laurent Kaczor
Eole depuis Ouchy
©P. Waterton