Top 9 Instagram accounts from Lausanne

By My-Lausanne

Lausanne is the place to be if you like photography and Instagram.

There are so many viewpoints in Lausanne where you can shoot the perfect picture. From the top of the cathedral, on the shores of lake Geneva, from the Pont Bessières or in the middle of Rôtillon district… there are so many places where you can take a panoramic photo or a boomerang. In order to prove to you that Lausanne is an incredible city for instagramers, here is a selection of Instagram accounts you have to follow if you would like to discover Lausanne with new eyes. 😉


In the tiny streets of Lausanne, Claire is walking with her camera and looking for the « beauty » as she likes to say.

What we like: Claire shares stunning pictures that always represent a unique moment in Lausanne.



« iPhone Only » ! Camille knows where to find the most incredible places in Lausanne. Just have a look!

What we like: her unique style and her beautiful account. Each and every picture is amazing.


Lausanne à table 

The association « Lausanne à Table » has a great Instagram account if you are looking for good restaurant and delicious plates. Bon appétit!



Between Italy and Switzerland, Maria Helene likes to capture the beauty of Lausanne’s landscape.

What we like: Wandering_crumbs account is a selection of peaceful and beautiful landscape. Enjoy!



When he is not travelling, mica_gram shares beautiful pictures of Lausanne on Instagram.

What we like: His incredible Instagram account and his artistic point of view. Each and every picture of Lausanne is unique.



Remi is an aviation enthusiast and photographer based in Lausanne. Sometimes he brings his camera with him on his plane and shares with us some incredible pictures of Lausanne from the sky.

What we like: his passion for aviation and his unique and original Instagram account.

Une publication partagée par Remi (@remi) le

Une publication partagée par Remi (@remi) le

Une publication partagée par Remi (@remi) le

Une publication partagée par Remi (@remi) le



Shift_angie, Food, Lifestyle and Travel photographer from Lausanne, shares her favorite places on Instagram. Check this out!

What we like: the originality of her account and her breathtaking pictures of Lausanne.



Julie au contraire is a young Italian woman based in Lausanne. She usually shares amazing pictures of Lausanne, of her travels and of her daily life.

What we like: her stunning pictures of landscapes and architecture in Lausanne.


Eva B

Photography enthusiast and in love with Lausanne, Eva B has her own point of view and likes to share pictures of daily life in Lausanne. You will never see Lausanne in the same way again.

What we love: The pictures of beautiful buildings in Lausanne that show the architectural diversity of the city. And the street art photography of course 😉


It is now you turn to share your stunning pictures of Lausanne! #MyLausanne