Rediscovering my hometown

By Blaise Depallens

Through this video, I wanted to tell the story of a traveler rediscovering his hometown with different eyes.


After travelling around the world for a year in 2016, I had the same pleasure in finding myself in my hometown again as a child entering a park packed with attractions. It induced me to view Lausanne in a fresh perspective, and see new things that I would probably have missed in the humdrum of daily life.

Through this experience, I realised how much I tend to take things for granted. Such simple and beautiful things are there, right under my nose. This adventure in my town allowed me to ask myself several questions about life and this in turn led me to the conclusion that we can simply change our interpretation of things by choosing to see them from a different viewpoint. And that perfectly sums up my Lausanne lesson. Thank you, Lausanne!