Lausanne Switzerland: first time visit must do’s

By Tania
English wine

Visiting Switzerland for the first time was quite exciting especially as it was a visit to Lausanne, Switzerland’s Olympic capital. Since I went with Lausanne’s tourism board, we managed to get to do all the best things that this beautiful city has to offer. I really need to make it my mission to explore more of what Switzerland has to offer and visiting Lausanne was a great start. I wanted to highlight all the things that I loved doing on this trip so hopefully, if you decide to visit yourself, you will find it useful. So here you go my must do’s if you find yourself in Lausanne Switzerland for the first time.

Where to stay in Lausanne Switzerland

One of the oldest and most beautiful hotels that I had a chance to stay at is Royal Savoy Lussane. Considered somewhat of the Royal Heritage this hotel managed to preserve its old century charm mixed with the modern comfort. The Lobby will take you back to the past but then its Sky Terrace Bar with 360° views over Lausanne and the lake Geneva will bring you right back into Lausanne’s dreamy present. Views from the hotel are immense and to add to the experience, Royal Savoy has a very beautiful and green park where its guest can afford to get lost in its rich vegetation. Having breakfast on the terrace was an amazing experience as we had beautiful weather and listening to birds chipper in a Château style setting really makes a great experience and an opportunity to truly live a lush lifestyle that Switzerland offers. Rooms were, although not the biggest, very comfortable and chic, equipped with state of the art appliances and Hermes toiletries which is always a nice finishing touch.

Visit Lausanne Cathedral and wander the picturesque streets

Since Lausanne is not a very big city it’s really easy to walk everywhere or hop on the metro for a couple of stops. The Cathedral is positioned in the old town and provides a beautiful view of the city. Its gothic architecture makes it a popular choice amongst tourist. The Cathedral is open daily 9 am to 7 pm and its a must visit especially if you are into photography.


Chocolate Making Workshop at Durig Chocolatier

What is a visit to Switzerland without a good old chocolate tasting or in my case chocolate moulding class? We were educated about chocolate and where it comes from as well as different health benefits that good quality chocolate provides in comparison to most chocolate brands sold in stores. I order to make our own chocolate, we were given an animal mould and I picked an elephant since I love the elephant. The workshop was an hour-long which was enough time to master our chocolate moulding skills which involved decorating and setting the chocolate. Not to mention tasting all the different flavours out of which salted caramel and marzipan turned out to be my favourites. Durig Chocolatier is really a must visit if you love chocolate and if moulding some of your own is not your priority than at least pop in to taste some of the most delicious chocolates I’ve ever tried.

Dinner and Cheese Fondue at Pinte Besson

Pinte Besson is one of the oldest restaurants in Lausanne Switzerland and definitely a priority if you are into cheese and meat. When I say cheese I specifically mean cheese fondue and a gooey kind that tastes like something you could just eat forever. I know it’s not the best thing for you especially if you are like me and love indulging in food. The restaurant is quite traditional and it had quite a bit of character which made it one of my favourite restaurants I visited in Lausanne. The food is delicious and service amazing. To conclude our meal the group opted for a peach sorbet served in locally made peach liquor and we left with our bellies so full that I jsut about avoided food coma.

Visting Vineyards during the Open Cellars Festival

If you are lucky enough and find yourself in Switzerland at the beginning of June, then you must visit Open Cellars Festival or shall I say Les Caves Ouvertes. The first thing you need to do is buy a wine passport which costs about 20 CHF that is equivalent to £15 and it will get you a glass that you can take with you across all the cellars. This will allow you to taste any wine you like and even though the serving is quite small, you can have as many servings as you like. We had the best day tasting the wine which lasted a good 7 hours. I absolutely loved walking and taking in the beautiful lake and countryside views. The atmosphere was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it. Its really quick to get to from Lausanne as our train ride to Lavaux lasted only 10 minutes and on the way back we took a boat to Lausanne to truly take in the views and the beautiful nature surrounding it.


Have you been to Lausanne and Switzerland? I would love to find out your thoughts 🙂