Mesmerised by Lausanne Lumières

By My-Lausanne

As happens every year, Lausanne invites artists to cloak the town in the most beautiful mantles of light… As soon as night falls, marvel at the 12 works of the Lausanne Lumières Festival. Time for a visit…

To enjoy environmentally friendly lighting – THE ROSE – Place de l’Europe

It’s definitely this year’s most impressive installation. On the metro station’s façade, a replica of Durham Cathedral’s Rose Window is exposed. However, not a single piece of glass was used to make it: instead, hundreds of recycled plastic bottles are attached to the building. And to illuminate them at night, the bottles are equipped with LED bulbs, powered by… the daytime sun.


To travel to the far north – BIFROST – Flon footbridge

No, it’s not the name of the latest coffee table produced by a Swedish furniture company, but it’s not far off, as it does refer to Nordic countries. In Scandinavian mythology, the Bifröst is a bridge of light between life and the hereafter. For the Lausanne Lumières Festival, it is represented by red, green and blue arcades. With the movement of these three lights, crossing the footbridge becomes a truly hypnotic journey.

To see a true fake waterfall – CASCADES – Portes St-François

Another work created from collected waste. This time, make-believe buckets of water pour down on the Place Saint-François, with a riveting installation. The illusion is perfect and we need to say: there is something brilliantly poetic about this cascading water.


Lausanne Lumières Festival  2017


To encounter a strange beast – ELEPHANT ROUGE – Grand Pont

Imagine that you’re walking home after an evening at the Christmas Market. You’re crossing the Grand Pont and there, THERE! there, on a rooftop, stands a red elephant with green eyes gazing into the distance. Yes, you have come upon a Lausanne Lumières installation. A work over 5 metres high, made from 592 recycled polyethylene jerrycans and created for the 2016 Lyon Festival of Lights, overlooking the Place de l’Europe.


Lausanne Lumières Festival 2017

To go back to childhood – COMÈTES – Place de la Louve

It’s not the first time that this work is in Lausanne, but what can we say? We do get caught up in it every time. The swings at the Place de la Louve tempt us and we want to enjoy them. This year, the concept has changed since the installation launches comets into the starry sky. Shall we play and dream?

For a poetic quote – WORDS – The Flon rooftops

“LES RÊVES SONT LE CŒUR SACRÉ DE NOTRE IMAGINATION” (“DREAMS ARE THE SACRED HEART OF OUR IMAGINATION”)… Take up your pens, you have two hours. This sentence is one of two illuminated aphorisms on the town-centre rooftops. Is it a work of art or just an illuminated sign? Good question, but the sure thing is that the result is intriguing and an invitation to reflect. On that note, we’ll leave you with: “IL EST TEMPS DE RALLUMER LES ÉTOILES” (“IT IS TIME TO REKINDLE THE STARS”).

We could say many things about the remaining six works. But a picture is worth a 1,000 words and it’s so much better to see them for yourself. From the train station to the Palud, roam the city streets to find the Lausanne Lumières works. Oh, and do take the opportunity to discover the five works of the young artists invited for the NEXT project. Yes, the area is packed with talent!