Lausanne: The Indulgent Swiss City Which Should Be Your Next Foodie Euro Break

By Chris Parsons

When it comes to feelgood foodie pleasures, it’s hard to beat cheese, chocolate and wine.

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Acquaint yourself with Lausanne [Photo: Lausanne Tourism]

Everyone loves at least one of the sinful trio, especially made by the experts. So, presented with a weekend of all three, Yahoo Style UK didn’t need asking twice.

The destination for this indulgent city break is Lausanne, close to the French border in west Switzerland.

France may claim tastier cheese and chocolate as well as classier wine, but after our wicked weekend it’s clear the Swiss provide stiff competition.

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Time to explore: View across Lausanne’s Grand Pont [Photo: Lausanne Tourism]

Lausanne, Switzerland’s fourth biggest city with a modest population of just under 150,000, is a short train hop from Geneva, but with its own personality and unique charm.

Like its larger neighbour, it boasts a jaw-dropping location on the edge of Lake Geneva. Across the lake, the towering snow peaks of the Rhone-Alps loom large from eastern France.

It’s a spectacular panorama – not the average view you expect on a European city break.

© Chris Parons

Sweet tooth: Chocolate making at Chocolaterie Durig [Photo: Chris Parsons]

© Chris Parons

Guilty pleasure: Cheese fondue at Pinte Besson in Lausanne [Photo: Chris Parsons]

The true Lausanne experience is nabbing a table at a lakeside restaurant, savouring seafood caught just metres away with a glass of crisp white from the local Croix Duplex vineyard.

We enjoyed a long, leisurely lunch just this way at the Chateau d’Ouchy (pictured top), where confit lamb shoulder was melt-in-the-mouth dreamy.

They’re proud of their produce in Lausanne, and there are opportunities aplenty to try it yourself.

© Chris Parons