Lausanne: a bunch of activities for rainy days

By My-Lausanne

It is maybe time to get back the rain boots and the umbrella, but you definitely must not be depressed.

Let’s enjoy this rainy season! 🙂  When it rains there is also a bunch of activities to do in Lausanne:

Let’s have a brunch in one of the famous restaurant of Lausanne

In order to kick off this rainy day, you will definitely need a delicious brunch. In Lausanne, there are many places that offer great brunches on Saturdays and Sundays. The perfect activity when the weather is bad.

If you would like to enjoy some incredible pancakes, you have to try the Black Bird Café. (Yumy!) The Blackbird Café and its charming vintage interior is always crowded. You will be able to choose between eggs, salmon or avocado on toast,… and pancakes, of course! It is not possible to make a reservation, but do not give up, it is worth it.

The mythical Café Grancy in Lausanne is also one of the famous place for brunch in the city. Croissants, bread, marmalades, eggs and crepes, there is everything you need for a delicious brunch.

Café Grancy ©LT/Laurent Kaczor
Café Grancy ©LT/Laurent Kaczor

Lausanne is full of great restaurants for brunch. The Café Saint-Pierre, the Café des Avenues, the Bleu Lézard, le Pointu, the Bref Café, these are lots of unique places where you will spend an unforgettable time. So just like us, enjoy every single rainy day!


Visit the museums of Lausanne

When it rains, nothing is better than taking time to visit the museum of Lausanne and the exhibitions we have always promised to see. The whole year, Lausanne is a very cultural city. You will be amazed by the number of exhibitions.

The Olympic Museum has to be on the top of your list! In this incredible museum you will learn the history of the Olympic Games, the Olympic sports and the story of these champions in an interactive staging. This visit is like a day in the biggest Olympic athletes ‘life. The Kids will love it (and the whole family too, of course).

Musée Olympique ©CIO/Lydie Nesvadba
The Olympic Museum ©CIO/Lydie Nesvadba

Close to the Olympic Museum, The Musée de l’Elysée is also a very interesting for the whole family. This museum is focused on photography and offers various kind of workshop. At the end of the visit, we cannot miss the Café and the library.

Musée de l'Elysée ©
Musée de l’Elysée ©

The Hermitage Foundation offers many painting and sculptural exhibitions. Do not forget to register your children for the workshop, while you will be strolling in this mansion. Before or after the visit, you can also enjoy a walk in the Hermitage park or have a drink at l’Esquisse, the Foundation‘s restaurant. On Sundays, it is Art & Brunch at l’Esquisse 🙂

*The Hermitage Foundation is closed until the 7th of april 2017. We are looking forward the reopening.

Shopping in Lausanne

You do not need sun to do shopping. Moreover, there is nothing better than doing shopping in a rainy day. And Lausanne is the perfect city for that, you will find many shops and concept stores all around the city.

For luxury shopping, let’s meet in Bourg Street, where you can find big names in fashion and haute couture. If you prefer to discover some local designers, let’s have a walk in the Flon, Marterey Street, the Rôtillon, Mercerie Street.


Quartier du Rôtillon ©LT/
Quartier du Rôtillon ©LT/
Boutique Fricote ©LT/Laurent Kaczor
Boutique Fricote ©LT/Laurent Kaczor


P.S. Just have a look at the stores Fricote, Viva Frida, Aegon&Aegon or maybe L’Attribut d’Iris !

Relax in a spa

It is raining! The perfect weather to stay in a cozy place, relax and take care of ourselves. The spas in Lausanne welcome you in a unique atmosphere for a cozy time. You will feel like in a dream!

Spa ©Royal Savoy
Royal Savoy

Have a drink with some friends 

At the end of the day, you might want to have a drink with some friends. A hot chocolate in Café de l’Evêché maybe? A mulled wine or a glass of wine in the Café St-Pierre? Would you prefer have a bier in Etoile Blanche, Happy Days or Boucanier? Anyway, there is plenty of places to enjoy a great time.

We have told you that even when it rains, Lausanne is great city!

What to do in Lausanne on a rainy day? #MyLausanne