Alone or as a couple, how to best spend Valentine’s Day in Lausanne?

By My-Lausanne

A romantic meal for lovers or an evening out with single friends? Champagne and chocolate in a jacuzzi, or crisps and ice cream watching a series?

As Valentine’s Day draws near, it’s not uncommon to feel flustered. Don’t panic: whether you’re single or married, there’s always something to do in Lausanne on February 14th. Here’s some inspiration!

2 pm – Relaaax

For couples: What could be better than to be pampered together? If you’re lucky enough to have the afternoon off for this Valentine’s Day, head to a Lausanne Spa for a totally relaxing time. You can choose what you like best between massages, jacuzzi, sauna and hammam… Spend some time doing nothing other than spoiling yourself and your partner. With some luck, you’ll even be able to leave with the Spa’s soft slippers.

For singles: Believe us, the path to happiness has 5 steps:
1. Hurry to take the day off on Friday, February 14th
2. Book a super-relaxing massage in a Lausanne Spa
3. Enjoy that moment as if it was your last one
4. Move from the jacuzzi to the heated pool to the sauna to a deckchair
5. And the highlight: spare a thought for all your colleagues who are still at work right this moment (we guarantee that will relax you even more!)

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Lausanne Palace & Spa

5.30 pm – Short shopping trip in the town centre

For couples: You’re now chilled, but you still need to find THE right present that will express your love to your partner. Some perfume, flowers, a watch, you’re spoilt for choice. Don’t forget the card that you will embellish with romantic words as fiery as a sunset on Lake Geneva. For instance “Lausanne is a treasure and you are its most precious gem. Like the M2, you have changed my life. Everything is easier with you”. You can also drop by the boutique Melazic to stock up on delicious cupcakes baked with love that will for sure make a lasting impression on your sweetheart. And if you really can’t find anything, you can always wrap up the free Spa slippers.

For singles: Although your afternoon at the Spa did you a world of good, you aren’t particularly looking forward to this February 14th evening. But who says that love can only be celebrated as a couple? There’s no reason to exclude yourself from Valentine’s Day. Celebrate the love you have for yourself by offering yourself a small gift. The Melazic boutique in the centre of Lausanne has thought of you. Treat yourself to a thick jumper with the slogan “De toute façon je m’en fous, j’suis une Princesse” (“Whatever. I don’t care, I’m a Princess”) or a T-shirt reading “Prince Charmant en voie d’extinction” (“Prince Charming in danger of extinction”) and you’re ready to celebrate your self-love in town tonight.


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6.15 pm – Time for an aperitif!

For couples: What could be better than a wine bar to drink in your partner’s words? Ta Cave might prove to be the ideal choice. It’s lively but not too noisy and smart without being stilted. You could sit at a table in a corner of the room and tell each other how much you love each other, while feasting your eyes on your darling (as well as feasting on the delicious local products!)

For singles: Knowing that all you need is love is all well and good, but as love isn’t present right now, you can compensate with a glass of wine and some dried meat. Head towards Ta Cave, just under the Lausanne train station. At least, you’re sure there will be a crowd there and it will be a lot more enjoyable than your sofa! You can spend some time with friends or get to meet new people. Who knows? It is said that love hides around the corner, and that bar is precisely on a street corner.

©TaCave Lausanne

©TaCave Lausanne

8 pm – Keeping up the momentum!

For couples: to make a change from a traditional candlelit dinner, you could go for a burger at The Great Escape. This Lausanne pub is always very lively. That doesn’t matter, however, as when you’re with your beloved, you hear only his or her voice. Even the person who spilled some of their beer on your table (because they were pushed…) doesn’t exist.
You drink some bubbly to mark the occasion. It’s not the bubbles that go to your head, but the love you feel.

For singles: There’s a good crowd at The Great Escape. Aperitif has made you hungry, so you came for a burger. In the summer, the terrace is packed, while in winter the bar is bustling, so you were sure to meet lots of people. And some even came on you. Well, more exactly, you were jostled when you had a full glass of beer in your hand. The couple whose table you spilled it on didn’t notice a thing. They were too busy gazing into each other’s eyes. Whatever, you didn’t let that bring you down: you’re totally enjoying this evening.

©The Great Escape

The Great Escape Lausanne ©The Great Escape

11.30 pm – Clubbing

For couples: To end on a high, head towards a dancefloor. You want to dazzle the Buzz with your talents as best couple dancers in Lausanne. Once on the floor, close to your partner, you forget everything. Around you, all the rest is superfluous. Your world stops at your loved one, and you’re glued to each other, cheek to cheek. The latest Calvin Harris turns into a slow number by Céline Dion to finish the night in style.

For singles: The night has only just begun! Head towards the Buzz, which is open every evening, to meet your friends and work off your burger by dancing the night away. You go back home as dawn breaks, not without thinking that being in a relationship is a strange thing. Proof of this is the two lovers who were completely out of rhythm and left after one track. After all, you don’t care, you’d choose your cat over a partner any day.

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You’ll find lots of other great deals here. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!