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10 Fun Things To Do In Lausanne

I remember hearing so many stories about Switzerland from my mum’s travels. It’s a place she had always spoken so fondly about. Where mountains were as high as the sky, with pure white snow caps and beautiful scenery to match.

Fresh and Fearless

21/06/2017 by Fresh and Fearless

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Lakes and Lookouts: What to see and do in Lausanne

Set on the northern shore of Lac Léman (aka Lake Geneva) in French-speaking Switzerland, Lausanne is a city of two halves.


21/03/2017 by Lucy

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A whirlwind weekend in Lausanne: Chocolate, Cheese & Wine in the Charming Swiss City

What do Coco Chanel, Charlie Chaplin and David Bowie have in common?

Melissa Hales

22/11/2016 by Melissa Hales

A Love Affair in Lausanne, Switzerland

Love is a very funny thing. It can’t be planned, it can’t be orchestrated.

Janet Newenham

08/11/2016 by Janet Newenham

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Lausanne, Switzerland: A Weekend Travel Itinerary

The picture perfect hilltop city of Lausanne makes for an incredible weekend away.


01/11/2016 by WapYourLipsAroundThis

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The secret wine region you’ve never heard of

I love wine and I could probably call myself a wine buff if my many years of dedicated tasting (ie. cracking open a bottle at least once a week) count. Ahem. But I’d never tasted wine from Switzerland, hell, I’d never even known the Swiss produced wine!


27/10/2016 by Katy

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