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10 Top Things to Do in Lausanne at Christmas

In December I was invited by the Lausanne tourism board to represent We Are Travel Girls and to discover the magic of the city...

Lulu escapes

23/01/2018 by Lulu escapes


17 things to do in Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne does not immediately come to mind with the mention of Switzerland – and I don’t blame you! With Zurich and Geneva constantly taking...


13/10/2017 by Xinen


Weekend Escape: Lausanne

You might know the picturesque city of Lausanne on the edge of Lake Geneva in Switzerland as the home of to the International Olympic...

Baldwin ho - Candid magazine

14/07/2017 by Baldwin ho - Candid magazine


Touch Of Swiss Luxury at Royal Savoy, Lausanne

The Swiss never do things half heartedly, you can expect the full fireworks or nothing at all. I discovered this for myself when I...

Fresh and Fearless

05/07/2017 by Fresh and Fearless


10 Fun Things To Do In Lausanne

I remember hearing so many stories about Switzerland from my mum’s travels. It’s a place she had always spoken so fondly about. Where mountains...

Fresh and Fearless

21/06/2017 by Fresh and Fearless

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Luxe Bijoux Vice Versa

Within the streets of Lausanne, you can feel that this is a city which pays homage to good living. Character and creativity run flawlessly...

Forc Magazine

12/05/2017 by Forc Magazine

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