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17 things to do in Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne does not immediately come to mind with the mention of Switzerland – and I don’t blame you! With Zurich and Geneva constantly taking top spot on lists like ‘The Most Expensive City …’ and Interlaken, Jungfraujoch and Lucerne being flooded with selfie stick waving tourists. The city of Lausanne does not get much internet time, space nor attention from tourists looking to see as much of Switzerland as they possibly can in the shortest possible time (because you know, due to Switzerland being proudly infamous for being an expensive destination).


13/10/2017 by Xinen


Weekend Escape: Lausanne

You might know the picturesque city of Lausanne on the edge of Lake Geneva in Switzerland as the home of to the International Olympic Committee headquarters, but it is a multifaceted city that has commerce and leisure in equal measures – a multicultural university city steeped in history. We went on a recent visit to see what this captivating place has to offer.

Baldwin ho - Candid magazine

14/07/2017 by Baldwin ho - Candid magazine


Touch Of Swiss Luxury at Royal Savoy, Lausanne

The Swiss never do things half heartedly, you can expect the full fireworks or nothing at all. I discovered this for myself when I stayed at Royal Savoy in Lausanne, on my recent trip.

Fresh and Fearless

05/07/2017 by Fresh and Fearless


10 Fun Things To Do In Lausanne

I remember hearing so many stories about Switzerland from my mum’s travels. It’s a place she had always spoken so fondly about. Where mountains were as high as the sky, with pure white snow caps and beautiful scenery to match.

Fresh and Fearless

21/06/2017 by Fresh and Fearless

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Luxe Bijoux Vice Versa

Within the streets of Lausanne, you can feel that this is a city which pays homage to good living. Character and creativity run flawlessly together throughout every aspect of its urban aesthetic.

Forc Magazine

12/05/2017 by Forc Magazine

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Lausanne, I’m Sorry

Lausanne, I’m sorry; for I judged you based on my first impression, even though one must never judge a “book” by its cover.

Ticker eats the world

25/04/2017 by Ticker eats the world

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