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Food Experiences & Restaurants in Lausanne

When I was invited to explore some of the best food experiences and restaurants in Lausanne, Switzerland I didn’t really know what I’d find....


10/07/2018 by Tara

Switzerland’s Underrated City of Culture

Culture Trip travels to the Swiss city of Lausanne to explore Christmas markets, Belle Époque boat rides, underground breweries and, of course, fondue!

Culture trip

07/02/2018 by Culture trip


Discovering the winter Magic of Lausanne

In early December I had the honour of being invited by the Lausanne Tourism Board, representing We Are Travel Girls, to discover the charming...

Lulu escapes

01/02/2018 by Lulu escapes


10 Top Things to Do in Lausanne at Christmas

In December I was invited by the Lausanne tourism board to represent We Are Travel Girls and to discover the magic of the city...

Lulu escapes

23/01/2018 by Lulu escapes


50 things to do in Lausanne in 2018

Bucket List 2018: 50 things you must definitely do in 2018 in Lausanne.


10/01/2018 by My-Lausanne


Good times with family or friends at the Lausanne Christmas Market

The end of the year approaches and Lausanne is swathed in...


29/11/2017 by My-Lausanne