8 good reasons to love autumn in Lausanne

By My-Lausanne

Summer is behind us and the temperatures are dropping down. The swimming-pools are now closed and you might think of getting back your winter coat.

Autumn is finally here, and in Lausanne that is a great news.

1. Autumn colours

In autumn, leaves are getting red, orange and yellow, all around the city. Lots of beautiful colours which take possession of Lausanne. Every inhabitant would tell you the same, Lausanne and its surroundings are wonderful in autumn. So, grab your camera and have a walk in the city.

vignoble ©LT/Urs Achermann

2. The incredible sunsets 

If you really want to admire the colours of autumn in Lausanne, let’s meet in Ouchy. Not only the leaves and the trees are getting beautiful, but the sunsets on the lake are just indescridable. You are going to be voiceless.

The sun just gets on fire and the lake shines. The inhabitant of Lausanne often enjoy this show from Ouchy or from a restaurant with a view on the lake.

pecheur ouchy ©mano

Montbenon ©LT/ www.diapo.ch
Brasserie de Montbenon

3. Hot chocolates

Autumn is here, and so are the low temperatures. To cheer yourself up, nothing is better than a hot beverage. A delicious hot chocolate we can finally enjoy without any guilt.

The most known hot chocolate in town is certainly the one from the Barbare in Lausanne. Hush, do not tell anyone!

4. The cheese fondue is back

We stopped eating it for a while, in order to be fit for this summer. We were waiting for it, the cheese fondue is back. Lots of restaurants have cheese fondue on the menu in Lausanne. For example? The Pinte de Besson, the Café du Grütli, Chalet Suisse, Café Romand, or the Evêché, … Which one do you want to try first?
fondue ©L//Laurent Kaczor

5. The Lausanne marathon

The Lausanne marathon takes place every year in fall in Lausanne. A great event that brings together runners from all around the world in the Olympic Capital and a nice sporty weekend for everyone who loves running.

For the 10 kilometers, the half-marathon or the marathon, the whole run is a great moment with a stunning view on the lake Geneva. You must do it once in your life!


6. Enjoying cultural activities 

This is a great occasion to visit the museums in Lausanne and to discover many of the cultural activities in the city. Do you want some example?
The Vidy Theatre: discover the world of contemporary creations, and take time to visit the library specialized in contemporary dance and theatre.

theatre_vidy ©Mario Del Curto
The Opera of Lausanne, a unique experience you have to live at least once in your life. So why not now?

Opéra ©LT/Laurent Kaczor

7. Relax in the spas 

Yes, we know, it is cold outside. In order to heat up, we highly suggest you to enjoy a cosy time in a spa. Where could you go in Lausanne? In the Lausanne Palace, Beau Rivage, or maybe the Royal Savoy. You will have a great day in a wonderful place.

Spa ©Royal Savoy
Royal Savoy
Spa ©Lausanne Palace
Lausanne Palace
Spa ©Beau Rivage Palace
Beau Rivage Palace


8. The game season

Only few months each year, we can enjoy a delicious meal: the game. Fall is the game season, so when the season begins, hurry up! You might find lots of restaurants where you can order game as the Auberge de l’Abbaye de Montheron, the Croix d’Ouchy, La Carillère or the brewery Le Vaudois in the city center. Bon appetite!

Chasse, Le Vaudois ©MyLausanne
The game, Le Vaudois


These are the reasons why the arrival of autumn in Lausanne is a great news.

And you? What are you planning to do this autumn in Lausanne?