Lausanne Switzerland: first time visit must do’s

Visiting Switzerland for the first time was quite exciting especially as...


12/06/2018 by Tania

English wine

Les Caves Ouvertes de Vaud – Région du Léman, Switzerland

This weekend I was lucky enough to experience Les Caves Ouvertes...

Emma eats and explores

12/06/2018 by Emma eats and explores

English Aperowine

A visit to the Musée de l’Elysée

Lausanne is a photogenic town: the lake, the mountains, the alleyways of the centre… Places that will delight Instagrammers (#NoFilter). Professionals and amateurs of...


05/04/2018 by My-Lausanne


Lausanne: A star in the Swiss universe

In South West Switzerland, Geneva may get the fame. But Lausanne has won my heart. Some cities are the perfect size, and Lausanne fits...

Deborah Grossman

03/04/2018 by Deborah Grossman


Lausanne: Sofia Clara’s insider tips

Follow Sofia Clara around Lausanne and discover her insider tips. Let's go!

Sofia Clara

27/03/2018 by Sofia Clara


A visit to the zoology museum

Snakes, exotic birds, rare fish, raptors and even a shark: strange beasts inhabit Lausanne. At least they do at the Cantonal Museum of Zoology....


27/03/2018 by My-Lausanne

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